How to play Between The Bars by Elliott Smith (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-117)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Between The Bars-Elliott Smith
More Info:
In this guitar lessons we’re going to check out how to play Between The Bars by Elliott Smith. Skip to 2:20 for the lesson cos I put a cover at the start!

This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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  1. Your singing sounds like James blunt

  2. Such a great song!

  3. Excellent lesson thank you

  4. Beautiful ! Great content

  5. Jose Antonio Burneo Vigo

    Im a bit confused about the chord that goes after the Am in the chorus. What you're playing is 4X3111 and would to me be something like Fm/G#, but you call the chord Ab6 which would actually be played 431111.

  6. You're my hero

  7. That's my favourite video of yours so far. I will come back here just to listen to the cover in the beginning! Hope I can play it someday:)

  8. Thanks for this, this was a very good way for me to learn this

  9. Amazing tutorial man, seriously, you outdid yourself this time

  10. Video starts at 3:46 (tune two steps down, DGCFAD starting from the thick string)

  11. justin really thanks for all of your work by the years.

  12. About that chord at 8:00 (what you labeled as Ab6 or Fm with an Ab bass): as an almost classically trained musician, this is an F minor chord in first inversion. There’s a descending bass note pattern in that passage from Ab back to F (chromatically too!)

  13. Wow so good Justin. I love it

  14. Great job Justin. Elliott was in a league of his own. So gifted yet it was not enough to keep him here on earth. I find this song extremely sad. So sad I do not want to play it. Thank you for the tip on tuning down with a capo.

  15. Thanks Norm Macdonald

  16. Plus d'Elliott s'il vous plait.

    what ya want? 10 bux ? i'll give 10 bux, just do more elliott songs

  17. you suck

  18. getthefuckoffmyamp !

    I really like the tone of your voice . It’s really nice .

  19. fantastic performance and tutorial

  20. Lmao your voice doesnt fit this song broz

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