How To Play Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

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  1. stopdontholdmeback

    You're the best Marty

  2. learned a lot from you easiest teacher ever thanks to MartyMusic

  3. Hey Marty , this song is killing me ! , i love it , but a bit more detail on the strumming i'm pretty sure you are hitting single strings , cause i just can't get the same beat as you .

  4. Thank a lot 🙂
    Great chanel! excellent job!!

  5. Good teacher. He should request donations for these lessons

  6. Hey Marty… just wanted to tell you am still tuning into Marty Music as my go to channel as I move up from beginner to something north of that. (After 8 months).

    What’s great is the selection of songs, the visibility and explanation but also the pace of each a session.

    Spot on!

  7. I want you to play "Ain't No Thinking Thing" by Trace Adkins , please

  8. Superb video, made me feel jubilant!

  9. David guitar madman

    Great song…Thanks Marty

  10. thank You!!

  11. Easily the best guitar teacher, I picked up a guitar first time a year ago and addicted and learnt about 30 songs and make my own up now

  12. Hi Marty, I would love if you could do a tutorial for live to tell by Madonna.

  13. why do you guys end up spending MOST of the time "playing for us" rather than "SHOWING" us how You are not in concert, despite your desire to be there. If so, stop pretending to do tutorial

  14. Great lesson for beginners! Thank you, Marty!

  15. Can you do a lesson on good enough by lifehouse???

  16. Marty you gotta at least humm it out sucks trying to go with ddu crap

  17. Thanks was ace

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