How to Play – Black Betty – by Ram Jam – Classic Rock – Blues Rock Guitar Lessons – Tutorial

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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Lots of requests for this tune so I thought I broke down all the main riffs of the tune. There is an extensive jam/solo section that will definitely need it’s own video. I did put in the tag riff though which is quite tasty. Thanks so much for the continued support!

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How to Play – Black Betty – by Ram Jam – Classic Rock – Blues Rock Guitar Lessons – Tutorial


  1. Fat Marty shit ball cunt

  2. good lesson!

  3. well…..the neighbors are mad xD

  4. why the fuck did I end up in your video? damn

  5. Can you please make a video on spiderbait's edit of this song?

  6. I got my left hand bit. and right hand middle finger knuckle by a pitbull few months back and it is seriously set back my play bility almost like Starting Over Again.. get frustrated a lot because I know I did play better..!!! everybody out there always keep your hand safe..!!!

  7. Hi Ryan.

  8. Ricky G Bluesman

    doesnt sound in tune…redo

  9. I think you cant win that price anymore haha but thanks marty! I really enjoy your lessons, greetings from the netherlands!

  10. thanks for making guitar lessons fun and easy . 4 years of your videos have made learning guitar fun

  11. Richard Mckissack

    is it too late to win? I would like a year…

  12. good

  13. Thankzzzzzz dude

  14. I guess I have to figure out what a power cord is. Other than the one that is plugged into the wall.jaysuz. I know that you don't have guitar playing for retarded older women but really.

  15. Cheers mate. Another top video.

  16. bembelem

  17. Out of Blue Pills

    Bam a lam!

  18. Thanks for this lesson, now I can play one of my favorite Songs

  19. the cheaterway haha

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