How To Play "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin (Full Electric Guitar Lesson)

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Hope you had an amazing bank holiday!

Today is Gab’s birthday; so as a present to her and you lot I thought I’d show you through how I play Black Dog. It’s a monster video and I’ve not done one like this for a while.

See you in the comments; have fun with it.


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  1. Another excellent video !

  2. AfterMath Skate

    Great video man! Keep em coming

  3. Been playing for 3 years. After 1000 days I can finally nail the main riffs. Thanks Sped. Best lesson I’ve seen for this song.

  4. Could you please show your amp setup or pedals to achieve that sound exactly? Ill apreciate it so much!!

  5. Excellent tutorial. Thanks man. A bit cheeky on Vanessa Coltan’s Thousand Miles. Wouldn’t mind a lesson on that one as well.

  6. Nice one Sped, cheers.

  7. How in the hell does this video lesson only have 800 views? I’ve got stupid shit with more?????
    YouTube is failing you. Awesome work and great teaching. Beautiful!

  8. Could you make few lessons of Aerosmith songs?

  9. Sped is my COVID quarantine hero. I am trying to grow that hair but more luck w the stache. We love you Sped!

  10. A Generic Drowner

    What a fantastic lesson, you even taught the harmony part around 14 minutes that nobody touches. Got yourself a new sub 🙂

  11. I wanted to learn the guitar because of Jimmy Page, so learning one of his riffs is incredible! Thanks so much for the video!

  12. Now that was an awesome lesson thank you so much, really appreciate you being here for us and Happy, Happy Birthday to Gabriella!!!

  13. Thanks from Buenos Aires! o/
    Amazing video as always 😉

    PS: Can you do a lesson of Achiles Last Stand (full song) too, PLEASE!!? s2

  14. Deadly! Excited to see your take on this song!

  15. Dynamite lesson. Thanks Sped. Really appreciate all the lessons.

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