How To Play – Black Sabbath – Iron Man – Simple Chords – Guitar Lesson – EASY

Click below for blues soloing video


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How To Play – Black Sabbath – Iron Man – Simple Chords – Guitar Lesson – EASY Brett Papa papastachepop papastache
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  1. So in the intro part of the song, are you only strumming the E and A chords together?

  2. never realized how bluesy this song was until you broke it down like that

  3. play attitude by metallica.

  4. Great video

  5. Wish anyone made a video on how to get an amp too sound like that, reason I'm thinking of quitting guitar.

  6. can i request . watch over you by alter bridge..

  7. Aileen Stormonth

    Sorry papstache – that was my 9 year old daughter made that last comment (thus the bad spelling). She's been trying to play these pieces and driving us mad! Only problem she is having at the moment is that she reads music and does not have a clue about tabs.
    Anyway, thanks for inspiring her!

  8. lucas de janon

    anyoone else just learned it by watching him do it at the beggining

  9. Aileen Stormonth

    you realy know how to teah


    Amazing vid. Just how many strings do you strum and also is that a special kind of tuneing or guitar or amp. Cus when I play it it sounds a bit off tune. Thanks!

  11. How does you guitar sound like that?! I have the exact same one and mine is tuned perfectly but yours sounds so different (i'm a beginner)

  12. Great lesson and very well explained for a beginner as well teaching more of the riffs than I have seen elsewhere.  Thanks for taking the time to make the video and I will be looking up more of your material to help me along, thanks.

  13. Shachar Rothbarth

    God Bless You!!

  14. Crystal Shoemaker

    He is high

  15. Nillopillo Miau

    i like you tutorials very much 🙂 especially that you play this songs slower so you can get along with them

  16. when im sliding my hands along the strings no sounds come out im a beginer help

  17. Thanks man !

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  19. thanks for this. that last solo, I have been following a tab over on UG, but your technique makes it much easier. I just recently picked a guitar up after 20 years, so relearning everything and I chose IM as my first

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