How To Play “Blackbird” on Acoustic Guitar by The Beatles – Guitar Lesson – Paul McCartney

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  2. Aleksandar Makedonski

    A Bach inspiration song,

  3. Gunslinger!!!

  4. Marty would you be able to do a tablature of this song? I like your version the most. I'm super slow when it comes to learning by video.

  5. I am so glad I learned thus it's an amazing tune

  6. Great tutorial and great new channel Marty! I'd really like a tutorial for Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice", I hope you will do that someday!

  7. Thank you one more time for your great and patient tutorial Marthy. I am going to enjoy this song a lot on my on…

  8. could you teach the solo to planet caravan by black sabbath?

  9. Marty why'd you quit your old channel?

  10. Daniil Lytovchenko

    the tutorial is great, although strumming not like in the original. great for those who can't learn the original strumming. this is simpler, so better for beginners.

    Could you do Dinosaur by King Crimson??

  11. I yes
    love songs

  12. Best guitar tutorials on youtube!

    Song request: Dermot Kennedy – Without fear now

    would love to play it

  13. this is amazing

  14. great vid.. I play it different than you do.. glad you are back! oh.. don't forget to tap your foot!

  15. Fernando Velasquez

    Nice tutorials you helped me a lot with my music!

  16. Everything I learned on the guitar I learned from you, your tutorials have helped me so much. Every time I'm looking for a song tutorial I'm searching for your tutorials because I know they're always good! I don't really have the money for real guitar lessons so I thought I'd never be able to learn it but I saved up for a guitar and I don't want to brag or anything but your tutorials really made me a good guitar player without any actual lessons, so thanks for that, I'm very thankful!

  17. Love your tutorials man. You teach simply and somehow still thoroughly. Thanks alot!

  18. Marty, a little over two years ago I started watching you. I knew about 4 chords. I love this song and thought only a guitar wizard could play this. A couple of days ago I sat down with your video and learned it in a couple of hours. Maybe I could have learned it some other way but you have been my teach for 2 years now and taken me from 4 chords to learning a piece I thought would be impossible but learning overnight. I can't thank you enough. You truly made a difference in my life. never stop teaching Marty.

  19. Thanks so much i finally got to learn this song you are the best!!! You're videos always help me out

  20. Wow you play really good!!❤️

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