How to Play Blue On Black on Guitar-Kenny Wayne Shepherd-Acoustic Lesson

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In this lesson we delve into Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Blue On Black, an acoustic blues rock tune from the late 90’s.
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  1. Congrats – great teaching!

  2. Yes……solo plz

  3. Thanks for this! Best lesson of Blue on Black on YouTube. Would be very interested in learning the solo too.

  4. Good job! Thanks!

  5. Thanks. Lots of Tabs all over the place but none show the transition (f,g,f,g) at the end of the solo. Split screen is awesome with the guitar upside down to easily see the finger placement.

  6. I'd like to learn the lead parts as well if possible…

  7. Stonewall Jackson

    Nice lesson.. would it be possible for a Whiskey Myers tune ? Very underestimated band !

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