how to play “Bluebird” on guitar by Paul McCartney | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Bluebird” by Paul McCartney from the album “Band On the Run” released in 1973.

I’ve always really liked this song. McCartney above all else, is a brilliant composer and always comes up with at least one musically interesting thing in every song he writes. In this one, other than the cool jazzy/calypso type feel, and the great harmonies, it’s the chorus arpeggio licks that stand out for me. They really make the song IMHO and will take a bit of practice to get down, but once you do they sound just great.

The Band On the Run album was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria. They had a lot of things go astray with this record. Not only did the lead guitarist (Henry McCullough) and the drummer (Denny Seiwell) quit the band just days before the trip, but the McCartneys were mugged by a car full of Nigerians and had their bag stolen that had all the demos and lyrics for all the songs in it. It’s amazing that through all this they wound up creating their most successful album.

I had a great time putting this video together so I hope you enjoy it and have fun playing this great mellow McCartney tune.

I get a lot of questions about my sound so here’s what I’m using:
The acoustic guitar I’m playing here is a Taylor 214ce koa deluxe. I really like this guitar, it intonates amazingly well and its tone is very balanced. It’s also very easy to play.
I’ve recently changed my strings from Elixir phosphor bronze 12-53 with nanoweb coating, to Elixir HD lights. The HD lights make my guitar sound better, with an even more balanced sound. The slightly heavier top strings really make the high end come out more. I really love them! These strings are a little bit more expensive, but for me they easily last 4-5 times longer than non-coated strings.
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  1. Another great lesson and tutorial! Love this song and the sound of your acoustic guitar.

  2. Angel Martinez

    Hey do you any tabs for this?

  3. Heck yeah!!! I requested this a long time ago…..thanks man…

  4. How about too many people,by Paul?

  5. Great lesson! One of my favorite wings acoustic songs. I've always preferred the live version from wings over America to the studio. Could you do a lesson on Don't Let Me Down by The Beatles.

  6. BsongQuest walkswitheagle

    Great video and great song! This sounds very close to the same chords as America's " Wildfire "

  7. thank you for the lesson

  8. I must say I love your song choices, including this one. Great stuff.

  9. Nice job! This is a huge ask, but if someday you can do Calico Skies, that would be great, too. :-)

  10. Please give a lesson on Black Mountain Side by Led Zeppelin

  11. I believe that was the same tuning that he used for "Yesterday". Thank you for the lesson. I like your attention to detail.

  12. Erikaale María Serrano Kuri

    Wooooooooooooooow bluebird

  13. Erikaale María Serrano Kuri

    Que se pudra el que puso dislike

  14. Good stuff
    What software do you use to record your video and audio?

  15. Robert Wiseman

    Thank You for this, much appreciated.

  16. Sat hear saying "Pfft, this isn't blackbird!!"

    I should learn to read better. Great lesson

  17. Elizabeth Long


  18. jeremy cardenas

    geez how do you get so good?

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