How to Play Blues Bass – #5 12 Bar Blues in G – Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners



  1. good lesson
    clear and simply demonstrated

  2. What guitar do you have

  3. Lucky Onyeka Wladimir

    Nice one

  4. i think he is assuming you know a bit but basically its just scales eg 1st 3rd 5th flat 7th i had the same problems at first but start from c all natural notes its easier and count up to the third and fifth and seventh the flatted or diminished is one step lower its weird at first but later it makes sense but i would advise every new bassist to get a good teacher to show you the way as its easy to get lost or not quite get it but you will get there if you try and stay with it 

  5. I did not learn anything of how to play you did not  show the lesson set by step only is my opinion

  6. Very professional!!

  7. Magda Wisniewska

    He's literally playing the simple version of Night Train…

  8. great video! very helpful

  9. i only got my bass afew days go it ibanez gsr 200-bk and fender amp 150 if sound great i can play the 12 bar blues jusy watching you play that how i learnt it again i am 81 years old so i can learn off you anyone can you are the best teacher

  10. i have just the jamtrack that give you the beet for bass it just drumme you can hear beet then you play your nots

  11. i am 81 and i play the banjo and ukulele and again thanks you sooo much for help if can learn off you anyone can learn

  12. you are one of beat teacher easy to learn of thank you for helping me learn the bass

  13. Thanks! I never understood roots, octaves and fifths before now!!

  14. ok not at ive shown you 53 chord changes lets try braugms 9th in g minor…..

  15. why do all these online teachers keep talking…the concept of eaching a lil at a time is completely lost on them

  16. Cut those nails!!!!!!!!

  17. Jacking off the guitar at 3:38.

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