How to play Bob Marley song Is This love guitar lesson

The has these chords: A, D, E, Bm, F#m and C#m
The first part I explain the riff at the start of the song, then the chords and finally play the song in full with chords on screen
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Clare plays a Tanglewood Parlour guitar-
With Martin Acoustic guitar strings 13s-
Capo by Shubb-
Ultimate Guitar Tab-
Clip on guitar tuner-
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  1. i just like u. from africa

  2. You taken

  3. Got it

  4. You don't stay on c#m long the first time

  5. Thank you so much for such easy to follow lessons. I'm playing Jamming after only a short time and now this. Best tutorials on here!

  6. Bloody awesome.

  7. close. sounds nice tho.

  8. Marlon Constance

    great song great lesson the notes for the riff are not too clear nuff props claire

  9. can you show the chords into the camera ?

  10. Awesome lesson , better than 90% on here , great teacher.

  11. u doing well darling

  12. very good lesson. you're great 🙂

  13. hallow you are a great musition i like your lessens i ant to hear one love from you plz

  14. trés bien merci !

  15. show the chords !!! how the fuck to play c#m there no chord on goodle that sound like the one you play! this video is useless

  16. Keep'n it REAL...Artsy Fartsy with Sky LaRose

    yo this is rich, thanks homie

  17. Keep'n it REAL...Artsy Fartsy with Sky LaRose

    We (Rich and I ) really appreciate this video. Sending you love beautiful. Xoxo

  18. A very fluent Lady. Thanks

  19. thanks a lot. Very helpful.

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