How To Play – Borns – Electric Love – EASY Song – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Click the strum link below: 




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How To Play – Borns – Electric Love – EASY Acoustic Guitar Lesson Brett Papa papastachepop


  1. Why would anyone want to know how to play this song

  2. Why is there no tab for this yet? I've searched the entire web and I couldn't find it.

  3. awesome, i am newbie in guitar. thanks for enlighten me.

  4. The guy that made this song is from my home town and he graduated from my school he's done a lot sense then. First time I heard him was a song called mitten. Great song 

  5. so its not even a really swung strumming pattern like you say, its just an upstroke and a mute.

  6. What's the chord he plays after the c bar chord?

  7. Eliška Čiháková

    I'm learning playing on guitar with you !! I love it thank you you are awesome!! <3

  8. That's awesome. Do you know what would be the chords for the ukulele

  9. Nice Song man, Loved it, keep it up

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