How To Play Bread Everything I Own (full lesson)

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  1. Great lesson ! Thx .

  2. Very good but boring

  3. Autista Illuminato

    Thank you very much! You have smooth fingers.

  4. very cool

  5. is this really ful version yo not jokeing

  6. Good lesson, but not the same tone as Bread. The key is: A

  7. love your voice too! great lesson, everything I want to know – thank you!

  8. Lawrence t. Mcguilicutty

    Superlative and quite relevant.

  9. Damn am I glad I learned to play all these songs by ear, too much chatter.

  10. Subbed, well done sir!

  11. Jaddy John Redubla Guzman

    played guitar awesome and sing great as well.. amazing=)

  12. Ilianita velásquez

    muy bueno

  13. yap yap yap friggen yap

  14. ok thx

  15. hi jerry how can i download the tab?thx

  16. Very well done brother!! Beautiful guitar as well!!

  17. very nice….tutorial I'm satisfied,,thnks…

  18. Jerry hey! man! Thank you so much for the wonderful tabs and also your cover of the song everything i own ^_^ shukran

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