How to play Broken by Seether- Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

How to Play Broken on Guitar: Acoustic: Seether: Easy Chords

Fun song to play. The easy version of this song- no picking. Thanks for watching, hope this helped you in some way. If you enjoyed then subscribe for more 1990/2000’s guitar lessons made easy. More Seether Acoustic Lessons in the links below. Appreciate you dropping by. For more guitar lessons and covers feel free to check out my channel.

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  1. Just wanna say nice videos man thanks for all the help with lots of chords you've posted up for us it really helped me alot bro appreciate it very much man thanks love the channel…peace ✌✌

  2. Wow cool

  3. Wayne Langford-Rogers

    Hey man! Thanks alot for the chords and the instruction great video I enjoyed it alot. Thanks

  4. Hi I'm been practicing this song and I'm still beginner but was wondering going From e to cat cord you just switched your top fingers strings and move middle finger to 3 fret would it be easier and still have same effect if you had top fingers in cat postion on 2nd fret then just slide middle finger over to 3rd fret for chord change. Hope I explained this well enough

  5. Dude thanks !!!! Helped a lot !

  6. can you write the chords for me? I want to play this on piano.

  7. JTQuicks Singing Channel

    COOL !!

  8. please give me a chord …

  9. I subbed ya bro nice channel

  10. Thanks for share!

  11. Thank you for this man, I really enjoyed this video!
    Greetings from Norway, I hope to see more from you

  12. thoroughly enjoyed the singing. "I want to hold you high to the D!!!". thnx for the chords bro

  13. you look a bit like one from scrubs

    nice guy

  14. TheFire Troll Gameplay

    Big shout out to you JP Sullivan Music for making this video. This is in standard E guitar tuning, and you made the song really easy to play with this video… So thanks once again because I got a few points from my Girl friend since she loves this song.

  15. Awesome, can you show me the quick simple easy way to play, Tied my hands ,by Seether ?

  16. Regular tuning?

  17. What's the strumming pattern?

  18. hey.. really new to guitar, huge seether fan, what tuning is this? thanks for the video

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