how to play “Brown Sugar” on guitar by the Rolling Stones | electric guitar lesson | LESSON

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones from their album “Sticky Fingers” released in 1971.



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  1. Another individual who is a great source for explaining Stones songs puts a capo on 3 and plays the Eb chord in the shape of C, and so on.

  2. Cant this song be played in normal tuning?

  3. Dick van den Berg

    wow! The most detailed explanation ever. Great!

  4. Very good, teach the music Cutting Crew (I've Been In Love Before) please.

  5. honestly if i had money to spend, i would give soo much from it to you . I really love your work and your generall attitude in your Clips. Much love from a young guitarist who cant afford a teacher and trying to learn by himself ! Greeting and keep on rocking dude !

  6. Northbound Academy

    This is great!

  7. Great stuff!

  8. You are the ONLY one I have ever supported with my dollars….there is a reason for that! Well done sir!

  9. Thank You

  10. I'm not buying it unless you do the lead lesson on ingenious lil wayne solo..I'm gonna unsubscribe and put thumps down button..i meant it..(ah no emoji to express my felling my bad)

  11. hey if you really wanna have some fun try this in open E capo 3rd fret. you get to keep all 6 strings and the tighter tuning makes the guitar really ring like a bell. personally i find the song is even easier to play this way than in open G.

  12. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

  13. Awesome lesson buddy!

  14. Are you barring the 5th and 4th strings, or is the 5th just muted? Either my strings are dead or I'm hitting something wrong.

  15. Best ears on youtube…lol

  16. Dude! Thank you for that one! You are always spot on and that song is just damn fun to play! One of my favorites for a long time!

  17. Two idiots have left negative votes, or maybe they're Richards and Wood ?

  18. How the hell dosnt this guy have a million subscribers! Geez

  19. Meticulous and informative as always Andy. Yes one can play it how they like..and the riffs in any particular order but as you say it's the overall feel that gives the song its uniqueness. I'll be donating again soon. Keep on rockin'.

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