how to play “Brown Sugar” on guitar by the Rolling Stones | electric guitar lesson tutorial | DEMO

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones from their album “Sticky Fingers” released in 1971.



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  1. I was just Watching this video when i realised i had a large smile on my face…ahahah…great job !

  2. Thank you for your tutorials !!! Great and valuable job !!!!

  3. Two idiots down voted. Great video. You are a very, very accurate player. Note for note. Love this! Already knew because you nailed 'Reelin in the years'. Can you please do some Allman Bros? Blue Sky, in particular? Thanks!

  4. southsideshenanigans

    Just want to say I’m loving the stones kick your on. Keep em coming !

  5. Great job! Always the first channel I check when trying to figure out how something is played!

  6. Just EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Who's the prick who disliked the vid? Talk to me.

  8. Awesome job. I appreciated the MJ "Woooo!"

  9. I gave up on rock star years ago. But damn, I just wish I could get that smooth accuracy you always show. I can learn a song, mostly. And play it the same each time, kinda. I just don’t get it, my fingers just won’t cooperate I guess. Oh well, love your demos.

  10. Smooth.

  11. This guy plays the songs exactly right. Almost everyone plays the chord at 0.24 and 0.31 wrong. Glad to hear it played correctly.

  12. Another amazing video! Plus the background information. Stellar!

  13. How do you hear those guitar parts through those mixes? Great job!

  14. I wonder what could have possibly driven that 1 individual to dislike this fantastic demo… jealousy? Incompetence on the axe?
    One can only wonder.

  15. yeah I like you and I'm feeling so bohemian like you… This tuning,….

  16. What type of delay have you going on? 🙂
    Sounds like they're doubled/spread/delayed a little??

    Would be nice to know 🙂

    Great, great job, mate!
    Really love your lessons and demos!

  17. Spot on !!!! Great

  18. Fucking perfect. OK, it's official. I'm now begging you – "Blue Sky" by the Allman Bros PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

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