How To Play Californication Guitar Lesson & TAB – Red Hot Chili Peppers

How To Play Californication Guitar Lesson & TAB - Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Hey my finest friends&guitarists!

Free online guitar lesson to learn how to play John Frusciante’s main riff in Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on electric guitar. In this instructional video tutorial / instructional youtube video we’ll go over each and every chord and picking pattern. The TAB for this video is also released on my website so make sure to check it out! I’ll be doing the rest of Californication in upcoming lessons if the video is popular enough.

This lesson is basically a “by ear transcription” that i did but i’ve checked the video so i’m confident that it is for 99,9% correct.

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enjoy this new video!

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  1. Your Guitar Workshop

    Hi everyone, enjoy this guitar tutorial #1 for Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Check links below and video description for more info.
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    All RHCP Tablatures and Lessons:
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    Peace, André

  2. Your Guitar Workshop, yeah, its hard to describe in words. I learned this other similar version from this guy here :

    But the way you're play it, your probably doing it the right way.

  3. Hi, Andre. Nice video. what a beautiful chord.

  4. Wait, the hell? I play it differently. After im done with the verse and into the turn -around, i keep my fingers in the same 3 frets where i played my verse and put my first finger in second string, skip, second finger in next string, skip, and put my third finger and last string then move all 3 fingers up and pick. The rest I hope u kno wat im talking about cuz im REALLY lost.

  5. Thanks for your videos it's a great help for a beginner like me ;)

  6. keep making videos you're really good guitarist :D

  7. the intro is wrong and boring you don't show the transition

  8. Gj, keep up :)

  9. Took me a while to find out whats on this niggas face



  11. Your Guitar Workshop

    Hey my dearest friends&guitarists!

    In case you missed it, I did a complete #guitar   #tutorial   on #californication by the #redhotchilipeppers including the #solo   just a couple of weeks ago. The videos are sitting there desperately in need of someones love and attention.

    You can find the TAB on my website in case you need it. Have a nice weekend and don't forget to like&share on your way out! 😀


  12. Thanks for the intro/verse tutorial, I'm using it for an acoustic but it sounds great! You do a really good job of breaking every part down and the quality of the video is amazing. I subscribed and look forward to seeing/learning more of your videos 🙂 Especially the acoustic tutorials, keep up the good work, its videos like these that allow me to progress to where I want to be, thanks again man

  13. Arctic Monkeys Covers

    That is the most perfect tone I've ever heard for this song. It sounds EXACTLY like it. What did you do to get this tone if you don't mind me asking?

  14. You are an excellent teacher. I don't get why your tutorials are not so popular, you obviously put a lot of effort and time to set up the tutorials, and edit it to make it avaible in the best quality posible.
    Greetings from Panama and congratulatios on your excellent work. Keep going!!

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