How To Play-Call Me Maybe -Electric Guitar Lesson-Carly Rae Jepsen-With Tablature

How To Play-Call Me Maybe -Electric Guitar Lesson-Carly Rae Jepsen-With Tablature
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PRACTICETHEGUITAR.COM is an interactive website that is meant to aid guitar players of all different levels in furthering their skill set. What you get here is something that you cannot get anywhere else: full, comprehensive videos that show you how to practice the guitar. Each video is made in a specific way to give the viewer a real person to practice along with. All videos also include full notation, tablature, and video commentary explaining what the exercise is, how to properly play it, and how it will benefit your playing. The site also includes multiple backing tracks for the viewer to use on their own, when they feel they are ready. This is not a replacement for traditional lessons, but merely an added tool to be used when trying to better your playing. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to leave a comment on the page, or send an email to

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  1. Practice The Guitar

    MadDistortion It is a standard. #34 of 275.

  2. What model les paul is that? Custom? :O I want it! I has a standard xD

  3. Thx for the help! you rock!

  4. Evangelina .burns

    i'm starting to see the appeal of an electric guitar – my neighbours will hate me if i ever get one lol

  5. Practice The Guitar

    Very awesome! I've only have seen a couple them over the last few years. I love mine so much. It's number 34! I would to see a picture if you have one!?

  6. I have exactly the same Gibson les Paul guitar as you!

  7. I need that guitar.

  8. I just improvised on the solo and it become rock.

  9. i love to listen music.

  10. could u link tabs? please

  11. could u link tabs? please

  12. could you post a link to your tabs?

  13. rodney collinsworth

    well said. i am new to the guitar as well and i hate it when"know it alls" get abusive when we ask questions regarding the subject. all i have is youtube an UG,cant afford a teacher since i lost my job.These arseholes probably dont even play and if they do i have not seen any lessons showcasing their world class ability on guitar. or heard about tour dates,or upcoming albums for that matter. We all have to start at the bottom so kindly kiss our asses you spiteful wankers.

  14. why does it squeak when you play

  15. I shall release a cover of this tomorrow

  16. Practice The Guitar

    Hey 16armygirl, The Gibson Les-Paul that Im playing in this video was purchased new in 2004 for $2,300.00. Its part of the original run of 275 that were made. Its number 34.
    Im sorry I did not respond sooner you your inquiry! I hope you found the lesson helpful, and good luck with your guitar playing.

  17. eltomo78 I'm sorry I don't know much about guitars unlike yourself and I'm not "fucking retarded" I've been playing guitar for only five months with no teacher teaching me step by step, Youtube and Ultimate-Guitar are all I have, so chill out, all I was asking was, what kind of guitar and the price, no need to get hostile. Plus I wasn't really asking for your opinion I was really asking for PracticeTheGuitar's opinion considering it's his guitar and I'm sure he was the one who paid for it.

  18. Where u get the tabs??

  19. gibson les pauls cost way more than 1000 for a good one. i guess ur right if ur talking bout a crappy one tho

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