How to play Carlos Santana EVIL WAYS – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

I just love this song, only three chords D Gm C, the chord change is a little tricky but with practice I’m sure you’ll get this! Also like my page on Facebook Go Play!
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  1. I thought there were a few mo' chords here……………………………Thnks

  2. Nice…thanks.

  3. Thank you great lesson.

  4. Geneguitarlessons

    That's right! That's the attitude! Jam On!

  5. thank you, i am moving forward again with confidence, no the world is not out of reach

  6. Geneguitarlessons

    My pleasure and thanks for your comment!

  7. Andronaman Xneowa

    thanks mate!

  8. Did Alex Van Halen pick up the guitar in his spare time?

  9. Geneguitarlessons

    Yes it's harder but I like the bass sound of the open C better. Thank you and take care! 

  10. Any reason you use open C instead of C barre which is right next door to the G minor barre. That switch is a killer. Guess more practice is needed.

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