How to Play Cat Stevens “Where Do The Children Play?” on Guitar – Acoustic Songs Lesson

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Hey what’s up you guys! Marty Schwartz here from MartyMusic bringing a fresh lesson on Cat Stevens “Where Do The Children Play?” which is a fun and interesting song to learn because you can keep it super simple with the basic chords and an easy rhythm, or you can spice up the progression with the proper embellishments! The choice is yours!

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  1. Hey guys, thank you so much for supporting "MartyMusic"! Also FREE courses at

  2. Great lesson marty! Can you do edge of darkness by greta fan fleet next?

  3. Can you do Dreamers Ball by Queen please?

  4. William Roberts

    Going to try to learn the following with the amazing slow downer app, but if you'd like to make a video: "Sugaree" by JGB.. especially the arpeggio part leading into the chorus

  5. Can you do Rusty Cage by Jonny Cash i cant find a good tutorial for it

  6. Can you teach Last Love Song?

  7. Thank you for the Cat Stevens songs. Good to see you know how a valuable and genius singer songwriter he is.

  8. One of the masterpiece songs

  9. Can you do a tutorial on Wolf in Sheep's clothing?

  10. FishDealinFrank

    hey marty i’m a huge fan and i’d love to learn some more sublime so if you can do pawn shop i’d appreciate it and keep up the great songs

  11. Thanks again Marty. Big Cat Stevens fan here 🙂

  12. Holiday Green Day plzzzzzz

  13. Pompeii by Bastille please

  14. How to play dar um jeito

  15. Thanks! I'm sure you hear it all the time but you're great at teaching guitar. I watch a lot of YT guitar videos and just found your channel and it's quickly became my favorite. In just a couple of weeks I've already learned several songs I've been meaning to learn.
    Much appreciated.


    Can you do Bron-yr-aur by led Zeppelin

  17. Marty is the #1!
    On my channel you can find the best backing tracks to practice with the guitar! Blues, rock, hard rock, punk, metal, etc…
    Let me know!

  18. Whenever I watch ur dexterous hands playimg on guitar ,nd the musical notes flyin all,around ,I could learn guitar from you in person.You r awesome guitarist

  19. Could you please do slade – far faraway 🙂 greetings from finland

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