How to Play “Champagne SuperNova” by Oasis Easy Acoustic Songs on guitar Lesson Tutorial

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  1. Selen Karakaplan

    Strumming pattern?

  2. You've been a massive help to me lately Marty.

    Many thanks.

  3. I loved the sound of your guitar

  4. pure ace

  5. Great stuff!

  6. Hi Marty got to say, your videos have really helped with my guitar playing, I had lessons but didn't get passed those basics until I started watching your videos in pentatonic scales, now trying to set up a group and start playing my own songs and some of the stuff you taught me, who knows where it'll lead. Thanks!

  7. excellent my friend..thanks!

  8. Can anybody tell me the struming pattern?

  9. fallingsky29 fallingsky29

    isn't there a little lead part in the chours

  10. after E comes a E7…

  11. Riteshyoung Aryal

    looks so easy peasy .. teach a little bit a harder way bro .. plus all those small fills and small solo ..

  12. Hey, what's the strumming pattern for this song ?, thanks

  13. Thnxs for the tutorial this helped me a lot to get use to a guitar I luv oasis thnxs man

  14. your web site has been down for an hour bro

  15. Where were you while we were gettin' high?

  16. You rock, Mar-tay!  Thanks a bunch.. Love this song.

  17. Didn't mean post my name. But I had know idea how to play guitar I got one watch a couple of your video and now I can play a couple songs thanks man

  18. David Cooke

  19. I've decided to pick up my guitar again after 3 years. You're the perfect teacher. You've just helped me remember how to play all these great oldies. Keep them coming! Thanks!

  20. I don't see the reason to mute the A string in the Asus2/E chord.

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