How to play Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) acoustic easy/beginner guitar lesson

Meh…random hair day…lol
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  1. My fingers are so small I’m struggling lol

  2. Great job you are very cool

  3. mahendra gurung

    utube recommended this video to me in 2020

  4. Really good tutorial. This is now possible. With all the time I now have due to lockdown will give this a go. Thank you!

  5. Big T Dynamite

    Who else has this recommended to them in 2020

  6. miguel velazquez

    I first saw this probably ten years ago when i first started playing guitar. It brings back so many memories of learning to play

  7. Is she using electric guitar? Whys mine sound different 🙁

  8. Byron Wickline

    best tutorial I have seen yet thank you for being cool and entertaining also!

  9. Good but I find you talk too fast, especially when explaining chords etc, as a new learner still trying to get my head around it all, thanks

  10. Hi why don't you upload new videos now?

  11. Thank you sooo much!!!

  12. I actually learned something. Thanks for this helpful lesson!

  13. you're so amazing!!! thank youuu❤️

  14. pretty pretty so pretty ♡

  15. Thank you this helps alot 🙂 love to learn remy zero save me… please give it ago

  16. Andrea M. Cook

    Thank you SO much !!

  17. Brian Kemmerer

    You are awesome

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