How to play Chords and Melodies Together | Lady Bird Jazz Standard Lesson

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Haar Telecaster

Kemper Profiling Amp

Vocal mic –

Soundcard –

Camera 1 –
Camera 2 –
Lens 1 –
Lens 2 –

In this video I am teaching how to play Lady Bird, a Jazz Standard written by Tadd Dameron. Because so many of you asked me about how I arranged the song Autumn Leaves I figured I show you the process I usually use to arrange chords and melody into one guitar part. I hope you enjoy it.
Here is the Autumn Leaves video by the way:
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  1. Once again, beautiful. You used Beat Buddy in the Autumn Leaves video, I was wondering if you used it again for the drum background or something else. Obviously the guitar is 99% of the magic, but I think a backing drum beat like this I think might help me with the tempo – which gets out of whack for me. Can't wait to play with this one…

  2. Hello Paul! Can I ask what type of telecaster you have there? Always loved that guitar, but could never figure out what it is. Is it a custom?

  3. Great video,very useful and clear instruction. Thanks for sharing!

  4. .."Your typical A flat 7 chord"… not sure why I chuckled when I heard that.

  5. Slowing the speed down to 1/2 speed helps a lot. Plus it makes you look very very drunk, which is very amusing.

  6. Tough but will get the hang of it. Thank you for the great lesson

  7. This song sounds like something from the sims

  8. Awesome video (subscribed)… one thing I like doing: change the second chord from a Cma7 to a C6. It adds some variations since 2 bars of Cma7 is boring.

  9. your guitar is so pretty

  10. Cheers buddy . such a tasty chord progression even without the melody. ill master it soon!

  11. Love that tone. That Kemper needs to just stop that. Added this to my growing list of my “learn this” list.

  12. Beautiful tone, guy. I always enjoy your videos

  13. Martin Vochentiten

    what are you using for this nylon string tone? lovely tone buddy

  14. Dude I love you

  15. Are these recorded through a Kemper? If so, what profile is being used?

  16. Great instruction, once and a while i try to play some jazz blues, this certainly helps to develop, thanks

  17. Paul, did you use the Beat Buddy to make the backing track? Thank you.

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