How to play Copperhead Road by Steve Earle , Acoustic guitar lesson

This is a acoustic “guitar lesson” version of “Copperhead Road” by Vince Dixon – Great acoustic guitar party tune and one of my favorites.
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  1. That's it man ! What I've been looking for

  2. awesome

  3. Vince you are one fine guitar player & a great teacher thanks soo much for all your lessons!

  4. nice !

  5. gandoff axeman

    Amazing. You are great. What song did you go into at 7:00. I know it, it aounds awesome I just can't recall it

  6. Nice one Vince

  7. Jim DiBattista

    Great stuff Vince. It's a rare thing when you can find someone on YT who can really help you out on a song. That old Gibson sounds great. Hey you should join our Gibson group on Facebook Gibson J-200 Guitar Fans & Players

  8. Excellent tutorial,what a great song to play on acoustic.

  9. Perry Parenteau

    Has that Irish Coppery Country sound just like my daddy before. lol

  10. great job!

  11. How's anyone supposed to learn from this. Slow it down bro. Thank you though.

  12. Thanks Vince cool tune

  13. will you play black moon by the lacs?

  14. Love the song and your real good. Can you slow it down and show us how to make each of the notes with your D shape? That song has a great lick and we wanted to learn it. There isn't much for decent lessons out there.

  15. Dude. U know good shit !!!!

  16. Holy shit, I was not expecting him to play as good as he did. That sounded awesome.

  17. Brilliant – much obliged. I love this song. Now I can try and play it!!

  18. 40GuitarPlayer

    Great stuff.

  19. kurtwaynekobain

    why do people need tabs, it lessons your ability to hear??.. i'd like to hear your version of guitar town… these are my favorites. thanx for sharin"…god i wish i had people to play with. I'm listening and typing at same time, you good man.

  20. I have been playing for over 25 years… and yes just me

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