How To Play “Custard Pie” by Led Zeppelin (Full Electric Guitar Lesson)

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How To Play Custard Pie by Led Zeppelin (Full Electric Guitar Tutorial)


Sorry for the delay!

Verse/Chorus – 0:09
Solo – 8:01

So as if by magic my cover of this song UNBLOCKED itself Worldwide. My Stairway cover did too, it also said to monetise it to share revenue with the band, I clicked monetise on the Stairway video & save. It blocked it again worldwide immediately. Hahahaha.
Anyway, I wanted to get another lesson out there so figured I would do this one. Haven’t done a Zeppelin lesson in a while.
Also, this tune is badass.

The cover could do with a boost of views guys! It died the day it came out, and it was the first video with all the rebranding!

►Full Cover:

Big love.

Have fun,


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  1. Verse/Chorus – 0:09
    Solo – 8:01

  2. All of your Led Zep lessons are spot on fella. Great teaching technique and thank you for putting them out there

  3. Mint song … One will b learning this any chance of doing( in my time of dying )

  4. thoroughly done, and well explained, thank you sir!

  5. This really is an outstanding lesson. Great teaching technique. Thanks bro.

  6. Hope to see you get more popular, you deserve it

  7. Fantastic video

  8. long may you rock 😀

  9. Great lesson man… keep em coming! Love this solo and you did a good job breaking it down.

  10. Extraordinary !!

  11. Love it! :0 🙂

  12. Thank you Sped, your lessons are stellar.

  13. For next lesson,please do thank you by led zeppelin. (BBC version)

  14. Great lesson and song. If you take requests I'd love a lesson on another great song from that album, the rover.

  15. Excellent Sped. Sounds more complicated than it is – well explained

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