How To Play 'Dancing Queen' by Abba



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‘S.O.S. is the best pop song ever written.’
Pete Townsend

Thank you for watching this video, GOD BLESS!


  1. Chord sheet for this lesson is available for all my Patrons! Become a member of the Guitar Pilgrim community today!:

    00:00 Demo
    02:00 Intro Chords
    02:26 Intro Strumming
    03:00 Chorus Chords
    03:41 Chorus Strumming
    04:23 Verse Chords
    04:52 Verse Strumming
    05:40 Intro – Chorus – Verse (medium Tempo)

  2. It's nice when one finds little gems like this on YouTube
    good man yourself mate I loved this tune but never bothered to learn it
    it's quite simple but effective for acustic guitar
    thank you

  3. what is the fingering that you're doing after you play Dadd9 in the beginning?? i'm trying to figure it out but i can't figure it out because of how fast you move lol

  4. Wow!!!!! i love it!

  5. Great job.

  6. So good! Thank you!

  7. The only fingerstyle vid of Dancing Queen I've seen with that ever so GOLD counter-melody line in the chorus that goes up at "having the time of your life, ooh~" AWESOME WORK GUITAR PILGRIM!!!

  8. This is so fun to play. Nice vid pilgrim 😀

  9. How do you mute your chords plz?

  10. Fantastic tutorial – Best on you tube !

  11. What guitar strings do you use ? Good job with this kind of lessons.!

  12. Omg sin que hables entendí todo excelente

  13. This is a great tutorial. Thank you!

  14. Amazing! Great work as always!

  15. Very well done. Great lesson. Thanks for posting this video.

  16. Guitariste _ Oussama lachhab


  17. Excelente video saludos desde Mexico

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