How To Play – Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Song

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How To Play – Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Song Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache


  1. Could you do Its a great day to be alive by Travis Tritt

  2. will you please make a summer of 2005 by whiskey myers lesson I can't find one anywhere

  3. Song request: ed sheeran don't

  4. Marcus Hill (Feared Straw)

    What's the strum pattern

  5. request toby keith big ol truck

  6. Papa. You are the best guitar song instructor on you tube. But you only get 4.75 stars
    Here is where I take 1/4 star away from you.
    This lesson is a perfect example of how your lack of vocals as a reference point just makes things harder.
    Sing papa. Just sing to us. We don't need you to sound good singing. Marty sings. He can't carry a tune but he knows we need it. We need a reference.
    The fact that you are taking your time to do these awesome lessons for us for free just isn't enough Papa.
    I love Marty like an uncle. But he gets 4 stars.
    He loses a full star for teaching how to play chords during how to play song lessons. Yes, if it's a wacky chord voicing show us how to play the chord. But don't stop a wanted dead or alive tutorial in mid stride to spoon feed xxo232. If I'm ready to learn wanted dead or alive I had better already have my cowboy chords under my belt.
    The best singing Marty ever did was during his you give love a bad name lesson.
    Sorry for critiquing like I'm a know it all.
    I don't have any videos or followers. I should keep my big fat mouth shut. And just appreciate. My mom told me if you don't have anything positive to say….
    On a positive note… Darius Rucker is a country music star. Papa if Darius Rucker can make it in country you can surely make it at you tube singing.


  7. madbaddang3r0us Gaming

    You look so much like a hipster Trent Reznor it isn't even funny.

  8. i play the same strum pattern but the chords are g d em c one strum pattern on each chord

  9. Can you teach us how to play "Forever Road" by Darius Rucker please!

  10. Nice man!

  11. fuck i suck

  12. even if it breaks your heart-eli young band

  13. K,,,

  14. Being a a engineer is hard when is comes to Hard Rock Cafe,  learning all the musicians at the Hard Rock hotel and Casino,  working hard and staying busy when it comes to music and my studios on the way

  15. who wrote this very catchy a guy fellow played it at our local pub and back up by a violinists very cool

  16. Can u play "friends in low places" by Garth Brooks

  17. Sweet handle bars! nice vid too. pretty easy to play thanks

  18. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about learn to play easy christian guitar songs try Tarbetti Worship Music Tutor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.

  19. give us some BBS man. 

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