How To Play – David Nail – Whatever She’s Got – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY

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How To Play – David Nail – Whatever She’s Got – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. thank you so much for this! love this style and now I can play it!

  2. Love your videos Papa! I and I have totally ripped off your "welcome, welcome, welcome!" But I would love these videos even more if they had vocal cues – even if you just spoke them…

  3. Raymond Martens

    Can you do another David Nail song Nights on fire?

  4. this breeds no talent

  5. papastache you are the man I've learned quite a few songs from you since I've started playing keep doing your thing bud

  6. Your the man!!! Please break down William Elliot whitmore – there's hope for you. It's an amazing song and I'm sure you'll dig it!!! Thanks for all the help!!!

  7. Papastache very clear I love how you say the strumming pattern nice and clear. Do you have the music as sheet music anywhere? all I can find is tab sites online

  8. Do you think you could do a tutorial on "Do you believe me now?" By Jimmy Wayne

  9. Can you post the song structure?

  10. You are awesome

  11. i wish you'd do the electric guitar parts in these songs too haha.

  12. that helped alot can you do this is how we roll by florida georgia line

  13. Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band please!!

  14. Oxygen by granger smith want to play it for my wife to be

  15. workin on colt ford

  16. another kickin lesson! you are my go to guy for current country tunes. also helping me to figure some out on my own! killer! thanks!

  17. Stephen Edwards

    Great song.Thanks for the details. 

  18. Your a great teacher Bret!! You da man!!

  19. I'm 54, just started, but your videos are great, love your spunkie attitude and willingness to share your knowledge. Cant wait to get to the point of playing to grab it quicker, Stuart…. love ya man!

  20. looks like ben stiller in happy gilmore

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