How To Play "Day Tripper" By The Beatles On Bass (Lesson With Tabs)

How To Play "Day Tripper" By The Beatles On Bass (Lesson With Tabs)

In this lesson I’m gonna show you how to play the song “Day Tripper” from the album Past Masters (1988) by The Beatles on the bass guitar, note for note.

Bass Tab

Bass Cover (bass only)

Bass Cover (with song in background)


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  3. I like this way of teaching.

  4. Very good, loved the tab included as you play

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  6. For some reason I find the guitar is way easier than bass

  7. excellent. thank you.

  8. Hands down your videos are the best instructional videos on the web–extremely helpful. Thank you so much for posting these!


    69 and 911 in one song?

  10. Brilliant

  11. Thanks for the lesson. The tabs help a lot.

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  13. Thanks for another very helpful lesson, bro! Please keep them coming!

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