How To Play Daytripper by the Beatles on Bass Guitar lesson

In this lesson presented by Center Stage Bass Academy you learn how to play the entire Beatles tune Daytripper. For more Bass instruction go to
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  1. McCartney was like most guitarists that picked up bass in the day…played more lyrically and half way up the neck.

  2. Nice vid friend…are you related to tom hanks?

  3. What do you think of my "reversed" version of Day tripper bass?
    Hope you'll watch my video, many thanks, Norby

  4. nice one . awesome cameras

  5. TheMusicLover1959

    Thank you for taking time to do this lesson. It's very well done, and sounds excellent. You have a new subscriber here :)

  6. Spot on, mate. Much appreciated.

  7. Thank you!

  8. Thanks. I can actually follow you.

  9. Nice bass lesson mate, well explained and easy to follow. The multiple camera angles help too. Thanks heaps.

  10. What a coincident a bass lesson for my 2nd favorite beatles song uploaded on my birthday 

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