How to Play "Dream On" by Aerosmith on Guitar – Guitar Lesson Part 1

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Hey guys Marty here again from “MartyMusic”! Today I bring you the first part of “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Check out the lick at the end, I now see where Slash got his Sweet Child o’ Mine Shred lick from the crescendo of his solo! Check it out for sure. Also let me know in the comments that you are ready for Part 2, I promise I am working on it!

Talk soon,
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  2. ey part 2 please

  3. Stephanie Gensburg

    I've officially been playing guitar for 6 months and I owe it 10000% to your videos Marty. Thank you for putting these videos out not only for myself, but also for all the aspiring guitar players out there. Lol I recorded myself playing the sweet child intro riff, chords, and drum part on keyboard and spliced them together and decided to post it as my first ever guitar video cause why not. Feel free to check out my progress and if not it's fine hahaha . Thanks again Marty.

  4. Got to 12:27 and learned the rest by my self, thank you great song

  5. I Just come for sing for the moment

  6. ı love you man

  7. Your videos are so helpful and awesome, thank you

  8. bro toast gaming

    3:46 me: has long fingers "whats wrong Marty"?

  9. what tuning?

  10. YOU THE BEST!!!

  11. Marty, can you do Aerosmith – Eat The Rich ? Plzzz I beg you )

  12. at 4:39 you can do the exact same arpeggio as before but with pinkie on 6th high E

  13. Incognitive Distortion

    Marty thanks for everything man. This is a really good lesson. I feel like I'm getting it thanks to you. I was wondering if you will to a tutorial on Steve Gaines – One In The Sun?

  14. Thank u! But why you skipped the last part?

  15. Idk but it was super easy!

  16. Marty-
    You're the BEST instructor I've seen on Youtube !
    Much appreciated !!

  17. im gonna say the n -word

  18. Still waiting

  19. Mark R. van de Wall

    Amazing Marty, thank you, was just the number I wanted to play

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