how to play "Drive" by The Cars on guitar | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Drive” by The Cars from the album “Heartbeat City” released in 1984, featuring the great Benjamin Orr on vocals and written by Ric Ocasek. It was produced by the amazing Robert John “Mutt” Lange.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

  2. It is amazing that 90,000 people felt it necessary to follow your dissection of how to Drive Cars. Its most FANTASTIC !

  3. AWESOME!!!….I guess it's the best acoustic guitar cover of this music I've seen!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to share with the world!
    Regards from Brasil!!!

  4. SO WELL DONE, my friend ! and absolutely correct…
    It IS an ache-ing)y and poignant, beautiful song w a' haunting vocal by B Orr.
    I have played guitar and sang this song for a few years at open mic venues ' it gets a good response because it tapped into peoples hearts.
    YOU did an iconic job capturing many elements. I esp liked the fingerpicked intro', the bridge parts' AND YES' THE BEST DOGGONE HIGHLIGHT IS the A/E CHORD,
    May I also compliment your constant attention to ringing open strings, for me THAT makes this arrangement. That and the bass/kick triplets…that triplet is hard to maintain while singing or playing 4ish rhythms.
    I always wanted to incorporate all of the several elements into a solo performance…you have done what I imagined, masterfully.
    You only have one last piece for a crowning achievement…every beat 4? …GOOSE THE GATED REVERB AND FLAT PALM SLAP THE HECK OUT OF THE GUITAR TOP TOP for the oh so 80s but oh so crucial power balance to the bass triplet – field drum snare hits…for your consideration ' respectfully submitted,

  5. Great tutorial man! Thanks a lot.

  6. Expect at least 2-3 hours to get this written down and figure what strings he is actually picking. I'm still working on it and may be more confused than when I started. Such a beautiful rendition so I still appreciate it.

  7. do a “my best friends girlfriend” tutorial. everyone else’s sucks!! thanks

  8. I can't help but sing along while your playing your lessons, great lessons btw. If I would have had YouTube and your videos I would have been miles better player!

  9. I donated.   Thanks for everything you do.  I have hooked up one of my handmade dreadnaughts to a pickup & amp, my girlfriend came down to the basement to see who had cranked up the Cars…..

  10. I know he did not sing it, but didn't Rick Ocasic write it?

  11. Very good. A very good song.

  12. This is Excellent, thankyou.

  13. Great arrangement. I find decades of ear training goes against hitting a higher strings for a lower tone than the one before it.

  14. Anthony Tupelo Carollo

    Great arraignment Andy.

  15. A bass player is having fun with this! Your lessons really make it easy (still a lot of work) but yeah, than you sir! Your channel has some of the best and detailed lessons. I feel I owe you money

  16. Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL tutorial! This is one of my favorite songs ever. This is the most beautiful arrangement I have ever heard. Thank you again!

  17. Sanderson Alberto

    this one line is too hard lol… you can't go on… thinkin'.. nothin's wrong : "or I" "what now" "or bad" "whoa hi" "good bye" "but bye" "good night" "oh why" a hint please… can't understand what he says here..

  18. Great lesson!  Nice Taylor Thanks for sharing

  19. Just great, wonderful song and your acoustic version sounds sooo good. My buddy and I are working on this for (his first) open mic night. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Proper

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