How to play “Dust in the Wind” Intro – Acoustic Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson

How to play

free chord and scale book click here
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  1. one of the most beautiful songs of all time!! I would be so stoked to learn this!!! I WILL

  2. After hearing sungha Jung, no one else plays it good.

  3. You Rock Marty! One of the best teachers on the planet….

  4. i struggled so hard with this before you told me in such an easy way how to do it.
    thanks M. no one could have explained it better than this.
    thank u so much

  5. Y'er the best!

  6. Yes this guy is funny

  7. Where is the full song?

  8. Thank you so so much Marty!!! Best teacher ever! 😀

  9. thank you very much for the tutorial. My pinky finger is killing me 🙁

  10. Marty looks like he really struggled to play the demonstration. The lesson was poorly taught aswell, go check out another tutorial if you would really like to learn this song 😛

  11. Nice outro

  12. Dude you simplify these so much I actually feel as if I can play guitar. Thanks !!

  13. Thank you so much ! Even if I'm french and I don't realy understand oral english, I can understand each part of this video :0

  14. Hi Marty! This is actually gonna be the first song i learn ever. You make it so clear and easy and i notice instant progress which makes it so much more fun, so thank you so much! I was really hoping to find part 2 but i guess it hasn't been made yet? Would love to be able to play it fully eventually 🙂

  15. I'm pretty decent at the intro. However, after the intro it's a little confusing.

  16. What was the strumming pattern you used with your thumb?

  17. What pitch are you tuned to

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