How To Play E Minor Pentatonic Scale On Bass Guitar EricBlackmonMusicHD

How To Play E Minor Pentatonic Scale On Bass Guitar EricBlackmonMusicHD

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    Nice stuff mate.. -TRS-Records

  2. Anthony Ebenezer

    excellent communicator and a great teacher

  3. I'm at it right now brother trying to get this glide down!

  4. Hey Eric thanks for everthing!!

  5. Awesome scale, thanks Eric. I'll be practicing this one a lot!!

  6. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Mastering The E Minor Pentatonic Scale On Bass Guitar 

  7. David Carraway

    Thanks Eric! I've been "playing" bass for almost 13 years and have gotten away thus far with being able to play without knowing my scales. Now I'm trying out for a country/southern rock/blues band. And while I understand a little about the progression of the chords used for most songs in these genres, I really feel that I am at a disadvantage by not knowing my scales or how to apply them. I'll be looking at more of your scales videos. Do you have any videos you would recommend for me to watch?

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