How to play Enter Sandman by Metallica – Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-372)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: How to play Enter Sandman by Metallica
More info:
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn How to play Enter Sandman by Metallica. Lesson ID ST-372.

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  1. You are the only one I've seen who actually played this song right the way James Hetfield plays it the fingering.

  2. can someone tell me why I am looking at 53 people who didn't like the video?? I would say clicking on wrong button as you are great….great teacher thanks so so much xx

  3. OMG, watched the beginning before he started talking like six straight times. He was jammin!!

  4. Do more Metallica songs man we enjoyed all do it again..

  5. great sound!

  6. interesting start but different to the original…..

  7. what tune is his guitar in?

  8. enderlord3377 gaming

    You should do Inside the Fire by Disturbed

  9. Avenging Angel 88

    Thank you!

  10. One suggestion. At the start of each video, please tell your audience what effects, if any, you're using and maybe even the settings. The type amp may be helpful also. Not a huge deal on most songs but some (like this one that starts with a kind of "creepy" clean guitar that morphs into a huge distortion) it would be helpful. Maybe you can even wangle some pedal endorsements out of the deal! Thanks!

  11. GuiTaR DaD PeTTy

    Well done sir !! m/ m/

  12. Justin Angerer

    Thanks, that really helped me:)

  13. you play powerchords with 1 and for in metal songs because the hand makes the devil horns m/! 😀

  14. I always play it James Hetfield's route

  15. Fade to Black pleeeaasseee!!!

  16. Please one

  17. Killer Lesson!!! Could you teach Metallica's cover of "The Wait," by Killing Joke? Can't find a lesson on it anywhere. Thanks!

  18. Thanks to you videos ive become a fairly decent guitar player. However the whole 1 and 2 and three and is not for me. I'm able to keep timing just be my ear.
    Should I make a better effort to learn?

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