How to Play “Enter Sandman” on guitar – Metallica Guitar Lessons – Marty Schwartz

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Hey Guys!!! Marty Schwartz here again with “MartyMusic” 🙂
Here’s an iconic Metallica lesson for you guys today!

“Enter Sandman” is one of the best rock songs of all time! The riffs, the arraignment, the dynamics, it’s all there and ready to melt your face (and possibly your skull) clean off!!!!
Once again for supporting me.

People have been asking me the best way they can show support and my answer is following “MartyMusic.”
“liking” and “sharing” the videos and spreading the word that I have started my own thing!

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  1. love your vids.Thank you lots!

  2. now we are dead new stuff

  3. Alfredo Lamparelli

    Could you pls make a video for master of puppets

  4. Murder one by metallica

  5. what do you set your distortion to on your amp?

  6. id like to learn "One" by metallica

  7. thanks man!

  8. MARTY SCHWARTZ you my good sir are the genuine article! not only are all ur tabs precise but they are thorough and wholesome. very easy to study and have helped boosted my playing into better than beginner status. If I could please get your help with 1 song in particular I would be forever in your debt. It is called " Nothing Left " by the band : Seapony. If u could contact me by email I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

  9. Why not master of puppets next???

  10. How have you not reached a million subscribers yet? You deserve it!

  11. Mastter of puppets

  12. One by Metallica or master the puppets

  13. Harvester of sorrow, master of puppets

  14. i would love to learn frayed ends of sanity if you could thanks marty

  15. breach n clear gaming

    Master of puppets and blitzkrieg

  16. Hi Marty, loved this lesson, keep up the great lessons.

  17. Unforgiven 3

  18. One or master of puppets

  19. Fuel – Metallica

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