how to play Europa by Santana – guitar lesson part 1

how to play Europa by Santana - guitar lesson part 1

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For more information on this lesson go here:–solo.html

Europa by Santana is the song that inspired Joe Satriani’s career and one of the greatest guitar instrumentals of all time.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–solo.html

  2. What tuning are you in?

  3. Another superb lesson. Now it's just up to me to practice haha.

  4. What's the key? The chords?

  5. I think this track heavily influenced Gary Moore's "still got the blues." Love them both.

  6. Just read on your website that this was the song that inspired Joe Satriani to play. Now that i read that i can hear some of santana in him.

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial. Regarding the middle "clean" section." I always thought it had a kind of organ like quality as far as tone.

  8. Latin power brother! Super bolero

  9. Roman Luna-Goddard

    9 gauge strings?

  10. Not a very good teacher man slow down

  11. Thanks for teaching

  12. So useful , thank you so much

  13. Beautiful played, and my advice to everyone (myself incl) is to listen.. listen… listen..listen to the part before even trying to play it, get it into your head.
    Play it then from the heart and put in your emotions.

  14. Fernando Manalili

    you teach the solos…what about the chords



    please do a lesson of flor de luna !!!

  17. i love what you are doing but if you could add tabs it would make your videos perfect

  18. Александр Уильямо

    what pickups on your guitar?

  19. how u get that sound pls

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