How to play Every Breath You Take by The Police (Guitar Lesson SB-224)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Every Breath You Take – The Police
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re going to learn Every Breath You Take by The Police, featuring of course the brilliant guitarist Andy Summers. We’ll check out the chords and techniques and sounds to get you playing it very much like the original recording!

This song is from The Justinguitar Pop Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing pop guitar. More info:

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  1. Nicholas Woolfenden

    Luckily always used my pinkie. Thank god. It's indispensable guys even for other stuff.

  2. Nicholas Woolfenden

    Every shit you take is second line. Because you won't be able to wipe your backside!
    Kidding. On the money as usual Justin. Great stuff.
    I wish others would get things correct before teaching on yo6u Tube. My students come and I have to bear it.

  3. Richard Mark Szpigiel

    Thanks for the clear and detailed advice & explanations of subtle techniques.

  4. 2nd fret capo is a nice idea to play it

  5. As always, a terrific lesson. Few people explain the tones, the effects and riffs the way you do. Cheers!

  6. Very similar stretches to the song Message in a Bottle. Deceivingly tough!! Andy Summers is underrated.

  7. sounds cool as hell but you need chicken fingers to make it work

  8. I can’t feel my wrist anymore

  9. Every stretch you take

  10. I just couldn't palm mute as nicely as you guys 🙁

  11. Really fecking hard

  12. There's no point in keeping the fingers on the notes you're not playing.. On my second attempt to get this lesson I applied the same principle that Justin mentioned for the A shape – i moved my whole hand slighty in order to reach the fret with the corresponding finger and it's way easier once you get the move.

  13. My carpal tunnel breaks with every chord I make

  14. Great lesson Justin, as usual!!! Please, could you let us know the exact delay time, feedback and settings you used to nail this fantastic sound? Can you share info about the reverb settings too, please? Thank you!!!

  15. i cannot do it on les paul the frets are to wide :{

  16. Excellent lesson, Justin. Thanks for posting it and putting this classic in our reach! You're awesome!

  17. I heard he uses a flanger effect in this song or a combination of chorus and flanger. Either the electric mistress or poly chorus from EH. Very cool sound

  18. Norm McDonald on the Telecaster!

  19. Ouch ouch ouch ow ouch ow ahh oooh ow

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