How to Play Every Breath You Take – Guitar Lesson

In this video tutorial you will quickly learn how to play Every Breath You Take by The Police. Learn the chords and strumming pattern to play this song on acoustic or electric guitar. Thanks for watching my friends!

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  1. Hey there my friends, thanks for watching this tutorial video. Hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! Hit me with your comments and feedback below. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON notifications to get more free guitar lessons. More videos coming this week including 2 Live Webcasts. e 🙂

  2. Love your lessons. Almost love your humor more. Crack me up every lesson with you dry humor. Looking forward to mastering this song and the live lesson in…1 minute.

  3. Thanks Erich – love that Tele! Great picking also!

  4. Great video Erich, the song just sounds like every "Stalkers" theme song…..creepy if you listen to his words. But that's just me. See you inside the UGS!

  5. You know Youtube is gonna claim/demonitise your video for the intro right ? great playing tho.

  6. Wow! Superb technical mastery, cover, and lesson. The song is one of my top 10 singles ever written for its lyrics, melody, and mathematical/theoretical chordal perfection . Reminds me of two other of my favourite singles..for their perpetual motion chord progressions (Kashmir and the ending of I am the walrus which concludes with a chromatic descending rotation of a major scale GFEDCBAG repeating) All 3 Put me in a trance. THANK you for making my day!

  7. The mark of a great teacher is when I watch a lesson and feel like I can do this. Thank You!

  8. Awesome video. Knowing what effects to use and there settings is a huge bonus to getting the right sound. Thanks Erich.

  9. This is one of those songs that sound totally simple to play, but when you break it down it is a 5 to 6 fret stretch pain fest. Great lesson! Again!!

  10. really awesome lesson Eric. That's the song and all the tone that goes with it. The complete package as they say. Thanks

  11. Will you teach purple rain by prince

  12. Please do a planet caravan solo tutorial. its driving me insane!!!!!

  13. Beautiful tele…what year

  14. That first position stretch is a good one, I can't stretch to make that chord ring out

  15. Ahhh, feel the burn!

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