How to play Father And Son by Cat Stevens (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-108)

In this guitar lesson we’ll learn how to play Father And Son by Cat Stevens.

This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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  1. great video, but i've found that my fingers can't reach these positions and are too fat to play this properly. it's really annoying.

  2. Why do I think of Colonel Sanders when I watch this?

  3. Justin, you're a YouTube legend.

  4. Great work Justin! Could you do a lesson on how to play 'At Seventeen' by Janis Ian? It's been hard to find a good quality video tutorial on it :)

  5. Fab..

  6. great lesson 🙂 especially the little lick for the beginning is really cool. it take a little bit of practice to get it up to speed. maybe you can fiddle in a base note there to make it sound a bit fater

  7. Ernst Van Jaarsveld

    justin please release a lesson for hard headed women…….

  8. evn tho u r e gud techer i cri evrytim i tri to pley dis song

    i em nt gud wid de gitar.:(

  9. cristian pommersheim

    Thanks.Great !

  10. Justin, I hope you read these. I was playing around and ran across Cat's Father and Son, thought maybe I could learn to play it. Found chords etc, but just was not getting it right. It's those little nuances. I've been playing with your lesson and half an hour later I have a good start on this. Thanks man, really. Sharing this with me is just amazing. Music, I LOVE it!!

  11. Heather Mcphedran

    your hot :)

  12. Awesome tutorial Justin.  I really like your teaching style mate!

  13. Grab a Jakey Saturday

    pure good guy … love your stuff amazing m8 keep it up

  14. Amazing song. Well explained. Thankyou! 

  15. Joseph M Brucker

    Justin, nice rendition. Although I would suggest checking on the second chord in the verse…I'm 99% sure it is a D, not a B minor. In the chorus when he sings "how can I try to explain"…it's a B minor on "explain" 

  16. Alexander Goed

    Thank you very much for your tutorial!

  17. Ben Manzenberger

    Hey Justin, big fan of your lessons and what you do. I was just wondering if there is any way you would do a tutorial of over "watching the wheels" by John Lennon. I would appreciate it so much

  18. Maria Luz Novis

    thanks so much¡ your explanation is great. I would like playing like you¡

  19. what are the chords? thank you :)

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