How to play FBI by the Shadows – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

In this guitar lesson we look at how to play the lead guitar part of the instrumental FBI as performed by Hank Marvin and the Shadows. The song was written by Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Jet Harris, although credit was given to their manager Peter Gormley due to complicated publishing contracts.

The song is played in they key of A major with the A minor pentatonic scale providing most of the the notes of the melody. Another feature of the melody is the use of major arpeggios over their respective major triads.

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How to play FBI

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Lesson by Paul Campion
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  1. Suttidol lummool

    Thank​ so​ much

  2. I was taught it lower down on the fretboard ,but it's good to be able to play it higher.

  3. Great Job Excellent teacher many thanks

  4. Jolly good mate!  Keep it up…my 4 year old grandson is The Shadows fan!!!

  5. Vijay Joglekar

    Thank you for that. I am a beginner and I felt that your style of teaching was just perfect for me !

  6. excellent,you stand in the shadow of hank,,what about zambesi,if possible please.thx

  7. mauro Pauletti

    please tutorial by savage the shadows

  8. Cheers and excellent tutorial….

  9. Hi Paul, Excellent tutorials, thank you. Can you put 'It's been a blue day' on your to do list please? Beautiful song I'm sure you will agree. Dave

  10. Hi. I think your tutorials are the best, very clear and accurate. Can you do PEACE PIPE ???

  11. What's the red acoustic in the background at the beginning

  12. Hi.
    Great video for sure !
    But I'm having issues avoiding the G string to ring when I relase the bends at 15 fret (around 15 mn). How do you manage to avoid this ?
    Looked a lot of times to this part and did not find the clue…

  13. Interesting for those who want to learn this track !!tonio

  14. Excellent tutorial – found out all the things I missed before! Thank you.

  15. Thanks for your thorough tutorial, couldn't help noticing the lovely wood on your strat, what kind of wood is it?? Keep up the good work!!

  16. Jonathan Gould

    Have learnt quite a few Shadows tracks using Tabs but always found F.B.I tricky so avoided it. Thanks to your tutorial I've started to grasp it, fantastic and thanks. I would love you to do Man of Mystery next 🙂

  17. Heidi Roses channel

    awesome video any chance of the tab for this

  18. Malcolm Browning

    No one plays FBI because its tricky to get the sound right

  19. Been looking for a video for this song for so long and finally found one cheers mate

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