how to play "Feels Like the First Time" on guitar by Foreigner | guitar lesson tutorial

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  1. Shutup & Play - Guitar Tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–electric.html

  2. Another great tutorial.

  3. Great great lesson!!! But i have to tell you…. that hammer on riff sounds better the way you thought it was vs the way it really is.(at least the way im playing it) I wonder why he would play it like that. Thanks so much for the lesson. It was the G over F and A that i was playing incorrectly this whole time. Thanks again.

  4. Yet another super-awesome lesson that actually gets it right and doesn't laze out and go for the "easy guitar" version. AND is easy to understand without dumbing it down. A delicate balance that you KEEP achieving. Way to go dude, and keep up the excellent work.
    I can't wait for the "Hot Blooded" lesson…

  5. Another great song and awesome lesson. I remember (sort of) seeing Foreigner back in '77. Chicago Summer Jam II (Aerosmith-Foreigner-AC/DC-Frank Marino M Rush and Edgar Winter) when I was 14. Anyway, Foreigner definitely did a lot of guitar double and triple stacking on those albums, has anyone tried using a pedal like the Keeley 30ms Double Tracker?

  6. IncendiaDivinus

    Awesome !! Thanks !! Any remote chance that you could do 'TRAMONTANE' ? Stay safe !! You Rock !!

  7. Ian Aintsaying

    Foreigner's "Long Long Way From Home" next please?

  8. Great lessons… Any plans on showing us how to make backing tracks?

  9. Excellent, as always! Thank you! I remember a video to Cold As Ice back in the 70's. May have to look that up.

  10. Adiktive Sounds

    Great lesson Barry thanks for the post.

  11. Awesome tutorial! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on Sex on Fire by King’s of Leon?

  12. Great video. Can you do a lesson on Clapton and Winwood Double Trouble live at Madison Square Garden?

  13. Captain Ron's Aerial Video and Photography Captain

    Brilliant Andy!……You're the best at deconstructing these tunes!

  14. Lou Graham's birthday today, if you're keeping score

  15. Thanks for this great tutorial! Boy I sure miss your tabs!! Us old timers are trying so hard to keep the music from back when alive and the "big greedies" seem to be trying to squash it. I just don't get it. Well, thank goodness for slowing down the videos and your excellent lessons. You are a treasure, Andy! Thank you!

  16. You want to learn how to play a great song, you pick a YouTuber. You want to learn how to play a great song the right way, you come here! Every time! Great great lesson, thanks much!

  17. Andy, you are simply the BEST. No one else compares. Thank you!!!! My partner and I proudly wear our “Shut up and Play” T-Shirts! We always LOVE when you say…..”here’s how SOME guys play it”….which means it’s WRONG……and then of course you NAIL it. Rock on, Andy! Best lessons out there!!!!

  18. Thanks for the great lesson as always. There's a video of the original band including Lou Gramm playing this in a 2019 concert and Mick plays it exactly the way shown in your lesson.

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