how to play “Fiddler’s Green” on guitar by The Tragically Hip | acoustic guitar LESSON tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Fiddler’s Green” by the Tragically Hip from their 1991 album, “Road Apples.”



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  1. Thank you for talking the time to make this video. I am greatful

  2. Thank you for making this. You are right about the extra meaning for Canadians as well, especially those of us that grew up with the Hip.

  3. Kevin Cadwallader

    Would you consider the. Garden by Rush. You are a great teacher.

  4. Giovanni Farinacci

    Thank you, I love this one!!

  5. could you make "echoes" by pink floyd lesson? it would be awesome man xx

  6. Another amazing lesson from an amazing teacher. Thank you so much!
    Is there any chance we could get a lesson on a Derek and The Dominos song? Hopefully layla or bell bottom blues.
    Thanks and play on!


  8. Man,i am Chinese,I learn a lot from your video, U are f.king awesome!

  9. Kristofer McCracken

    Please do Calico Skies by Paul McCartney!!!

  10. Ooh, can you do Crazy On You by Heart???

  11. Thank you

  12. Rodrigo Antonio Riveros Chacón

    Can you please make a take it easy from the eagles lesson and teach both lead and rithm guitars

  13. Thanks for the lesson. I miss them so much.

  14. would love you to do thirteen by Big Star! great channel m8

  15. Leonard Williams

    Great lesson on a great song!

  16. Oddly enough a 3 alarm fire this past week at the Fiddler's Green Pub in San Fran closed this historic Tavern which with stood the 1906 Quake. Thx for the lesson !!!

  17. Great lesson as usual! Any Blue Rodeo or Kim Mitchell in the works for us? Thanks again for making the vids!!

  18. Please do a Rush song! 'Freewill' would be cool!

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