How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson

How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar - Beginner Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson, we’ll be learning how to play fingerstyle guitar. Fingerstyle is a great style of music to learn for both the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. It tends to sound very piano like since you play the bass parts and the melody parts at the same time. Fingerstyle guitar is the perfect style of music for playing without any other musicians. In this beginner guitar lesson, we’ll be going over a lot of different things, so don’t worry if you need to take it one step at a time and come back to this lesson a few times. Once you’ve got all these techniques down, there’s a jam track that you can download to apply your new skills to music.

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  1. Very nice lesson. Good intro to the style and easy to follow along.

  2. That name is OP

  3. Since I’ve only played thrash metal and progy stuff this is a challenge.

  4. I am not getting the jam track. Can you please tell me how to get it ?

  5. Perfect beginners lesson. Thank you.

  6. Hiya.
    Superb, thanks.
    Anywhere I can get that backing track in your last segment, so I can play on loop?
    All the best from the UK.

  7. Sorry I ask too many questions but when I'm rolling down, should my three fingers be prepared already on the three high strings or should they be above the strings hitting them individually?

  8. Thank you!!!
    I am still practicing accords but I want to start this to because if o do the “normal” way it sounds so flat
    Thank you again!

  9. Astasia Carla Pagnoni

    Great teaching: clear and in a good tempo. Thank you.

  10. Would you recommend this fingerpicking to beginner guitar players like me? I've been playing for a few weeks and have learned all basic chords. Right now, I'm working on better chord changes, barre chords & a few beginner songs I like. Would it be okay to learn so many things all at once?

  11. This guy is bigger than my life goals

  12. Thank you very much sir.

  13. the tutorial was damn good

  14. Do you have any tips for maintain timing throughout a song? I do not have trouble getting the basic patterns of songs but being consistent as I repeat the pattern is something that I am still perfecting.

  15. I want to play fingerstyle but people said that I should learn strumming first, is that true?

  16. Thank you!

  17. Great job teaching, you've really helped me. Enjoy all your lessons Thanks

  18. Is there any other exercise

  19. An interesting and handy lecture. But if you have a little time, could you add up other lectures too. I found your's very helpful.

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