How to play Fire by Jimi Hendrix – Electric Guitar Lesson

How to play Fire by Jimi Hendrix - Electric Guitar Lesson

In this video you will quickly learn how to play Fire by Jimi Hendrix on the electic guitar. Be sure to visit today to grab more guitar lessons and free ebooks.

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Hey! Thanks for hanging out with me today. I appreciate you checking out this video on how to play Fire by Jimi Hendrix!

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  1. Just learned this tune. This along with Justinguitar's tutorial are by far the best and most accurate, both for timing and explaining the technical approach to getting that "Jimi Feel". The fact that you are singing the melody also makes a huge difference — something a lot of guitar tutorials lack. Thanks for the great video!

  2. This made learning the tune quick and easy for someone who plays but doesn't have time to sit down and suss it all out. Now I can play this at our next jam and I only took the time of this vid to learn it.

  3. Hey rockstars!! Check out my free online course at:

  4. Erich….you are one of the best out there my friend on youtube…no doubt. In this particular lesson…when the soloing starts…you left us hanging on the chords behind the solo. Figured it out….just like everything else you have shared. Thanks again bro.

  5. Great lesson but please consider using a guitar with more visible fret markers for your video lessons.

  6. How can I get a guitar like that? Nice video, very helpful!

  7. Jordan Camilleri

    great thanks –

  8. This is easily the best, most accurate and most thorough "Fire" lesson on Youtube. Nice job and thanks for doing what you're doing!

  9. Awesome dude thanks….

  10. what model of les paul is it?

  11. Great Lesson, but I would suggest using a guitar with fret markers. It was hard to follow which position you were showing without the markers. Thanks for the lessons. Bill

  12. Love your lessons.  But, please, for God's sake, use a strat when doing Hendrix or SRV tutorials. LOL! 😉

  13. John Indelicato

    Hey thanks!

  14. you should teach with a guitar with dots

  15. Thank you for the lesson!! This is my cover following your advises: 2. Fire (Preparativo H)

  16. use a guitar that we can see the fret markers easier in future.

  17. eric clapton teaching..

  18. I teach guitar and have some students working on this for their blues band.  Great help man, I'll keep checking out your videos.  Thanks!

  19. bruno hilario bethonico

    Great guitar teacher. Thanks

  20. Hey, I'm entering a competition where you have to cover a Hendrix song, I chose "Hey Joe", if you could take the time to watch and vote that would be really appreciated – The main solo starts at 3.35, The winner gets to play on the "experience Hendrix" tour alongside Billy Cox which would be amazing! I know you don't know me but any help would be much appreciated!

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