How To Play FOLSOM PRISON BLUES On Bass Guitar Johnny Cash EricBlackmonGuitar

Folsom Prison Blues Guitar Lesson
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  1. EricBlackmonGuitar

    ALL EricBlackmonMusic Bass Tutorials On This Channel!

  2. Thank you sir for sharing

  3. Great lesson. Thank you 🙂 Could you please do a lesson for The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix?

  4. Live From The Morgue

    Killer man, nice an simple! Thank you!

  5. This was great thanks but isn’t there another walk up/walkdown later in the song after the first verses?

  6. Awesome!! Thank you again!!

  7. Love the tone of that bass! I recently got a new Fender Squire Jaguar bass…real deal on Amazon and real nice tone. Silver with dual pickups… $199.

  8. Always loved how the bass, drums and guitar locked down such a tight rhythm on this song…and so many other Johnny Cash hits. Thanks for posting such variety Man!

  9. isaac jaames hinksman

    another great tutorial. thank you

  10. never had seen / heard /read bass tutorials! for folsom prison blues, special.

  11. I've been practicing guitar for the past years and just bought a bass this weekend. I am excited to watch the bass lessons you've been posting.

  12. Dr. Mark in Texas

    Like BB KING said, "'I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions". You do that, Eric. ✌

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