how to play “Foxglove” on guitar by Bruce Cockburn | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Foxglove” by Bruce Cockburn from his 1973 album, “Night Vision.”

Tuning C#-G#-C#-G#-C#-F with the capo at the first fret.



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  1. Cockburn?

  2. Great video. More Bruce Cockburn. Could you do a lesson of Sunrise on the Mississippi?

  3. Nice….I'm a big Bruce Cockburn fan…been wanting to do this one for quite awhile….maybe I'll get off my ass and do it…..How about "Last NIght of the World" sometime?

  4. Who downvotes this? <– Mind blown. It's a good thing Shutup & Play doesn't release more tutorials or I'd never leave the house. Fantastic job as usual. I think it's time to donate

  5. Next try Cockburn's Sunwheel Dance? Please?

  6. You are a genius !

  7. Awesome! Thank you….the chord at @25:30 deserves a song of its own…I love it.

  8. damn that was pretty

  9. I really appreciate & enjoy the finger-picking tutorials.

  10. bruce must have been bullied in school so much lol

  11. Hey Andy, what happened to all your Bruce Springsteen material?

  12. Wow! That was really beautiful! Well done!

  13. Thank you for fulfilling my request. This looks playable to me. I really do appreciate the time you take to do this and I will be making another donation soon on your website. Awesome playing and really quick learning. How do you do that? :)

  14. wow amazing! I will try it out!

  15. Can you do some steely dan, chicago, doobie brothers, or some hendrix

  16. unbelievable jeff !!!

  17. LifeBloodMarketing

    MY goodness.

  18. nice per

  19. can you please do some tutorials on Dire straits or mark knopfler songs? love your channel soo much, keep up the good work :)

  20. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–acoustic.html

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