How to play Free Falling by Tom Petty Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic Capo

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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn How to play Free Falling by Tom Petty, really great song that I should have done years ago. RIP 🙁

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  1. I would love to give more than one thumb up! Your are such a great teacher! Thanks a lot.

  2. Great lesson. A short lesson on "Breakdown" sometimes would be great too…

  3. Thank You… I've been playing this at open mics for awhile, You fine tuned it for me. Man it just rings on the 660/12. I can't wait for Handle With Care……

  4. The Hero Of Kvatch

    I love your covers man.

    Nice tribute to a legend.

  5. Thx Justin ! Could you do "Last dance with Lady Jane"? Electric..

  6. I prefer Free Balling by Tom Small, but this will do! ;oP m/

  7. Cool.

  8. Dave Erving Evader Knives

    Ya know, one of the 1st thing I was taught (over 30yrs ago), when you are learning chords and strumming, if you don't stop what your strumming hand is doing(i.e keep a steady strum), it will force the chord hand to speed up and learn the fingering. Of course at first, you will miss notes and it will sound bad, but it's amazing how quickly it will come. Beginners always want to stop strumming and get the fingering right, then start strumming again. Hope this helps someone just learning. Great video as always, you are so patient and always explain everything really well. Take it easy

  9. Next: running down a dream 😀

  10. Great stuff Justin. Tom lives on through his music.

  11. Justin you must have read my mind, i was hoping you would give a lesson on this song as i'm learning how to play it. Justin you are simply the best. Thank you.

  12. Next on the list to learn.

  13. One of your best lessons Justin

  14. Please make a full cover of this

  15. Well done & thanks, look forward to the rest of the TP set!

  16. Thanks! This is great!

    For lazy people like me I do the palm muted part (with capo on 1st fret) and keep doing the same 3 chords (E, A, B).

    More Tom Petty please! Wildflowers would be great!

  17. Thanks for the lesson Justin!!!

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