How To Play Genesis Follow You Follow Me – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

If you want the full package with TABS as well, download it FREE here:

This lesson teaches the song as Genesis played it acoustically on the 1998 tour. It’s a strum and sing version.
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  1. This is not meant as a dis, just a pov for what it's worth to you. If you're playing any tune that requires more than non existent or very basic skill level, it might be worth considering a play-through at the begining. Guitarists who are at a level where they can play this tune and actually make it sound like a song just need that "money shot" and can do without the x fret, y string stuff. You can always refer those that dig details to the relevant time mark. But totally understand it's your business and yours to decide what your target audience is 😉

  2. Great tutorial, but next time can you add the tab picture during the video?

  3. Nice job.Thank you.

  4. Thank you Very much !!! Great song!

  5. Just play it. I'll figure it out from there. No need for all the identities of the the fingers and frets or the slow down.

  6. You have a nice voice, you should sing, especially compared to me HaHa!. Great tutorial, thank you,
    gina Lewis

  7. Thank Jerry's, You must be Make a tutorial, just whit the notes, whtiout speack just for the people have a little more conociment about the music.

  8. Going to try this tune Jerry, hope you don't mind me saying but the start of the song is like Lyin Eyes by Eagles

  9. Jerry's Guitar Bar

    Click the link in the description above and you can download (free) the whole package including chords and lyrics.

  10. Jerry's Guitar Bar

    I'm glad you found it helpful. 🙂

  11. Thank you! Very easy to understand it, even when my english is quite poor

  12. Jerry's Guitar Bar

    Glad it worked for you 🙂

  13. Great tutorial. Thank you.

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