How To Play Get Lucky on Bass Guitar : Daft Punk Bass Lesson

In this song lesson, I will show you how to play “Get Lucky” on a 4-string bass. The original recording was made using a 5-string bass with a low B-string. So this lesson is an adaptation for players using a 4-string.
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  1. Song is not in Bminor, it's in F#minor, B is only the first chord.

  2. Not Just a guy playing Bass. Nathan East

  3. Very nice! Lots of good permutations. Fun tune to play! To add a little (if you've got a drummer that can handle it,) for one or two stanzas, syncopate (delay by a half a beat) on the first two beats of each measure. It'll get a grin out of the drummer, and nobody else will have a clue except they'll all know it got funkier for some reason! You can pop a few octaves here and there, too. I use the B on the fourth string vs the third, just my preference, going across instead of up the neck. And during the instrumental lead do a quick pentatonic run up at the end of each measure (but back down on the 4th measure); your guitar player might not like it, you're stealing some of his thunder, but hey, so what, it's fun and sounds great.

  4. Demo starts at 1:08 and groove is very good!

  5. That P's got some funk to it.

  6. E minor???

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