How To Play – Girl Crush by Little Big Town – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Song – Chords

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How To Play – Girl Crush by Little Big Town – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Song Brett Papa papastachepop
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  1. It's a heartache Bonnie Tyler…..hmmmm

  2. Love it! Needs ta get my hands on that shirt too…

  3. Amazing man 🙂

  4. Wtf is this intro omg

  5. What make of martin guitar is this??

  6. why can't everyone else take the time to do what you just did!!!!! awesome job thanks!!!

  7. Ok now you're just showing off at the end lol seriously though good vid thanks for the info dude

  8. František Rampas

    Crazy easy;),…

  9. thxs PP

  10. That was not a foul joke, it was funny lol

  11. Alyssa Mcphetridge

    is he using a pick?

  12. Thank you Papa Stash for another great lesson on an American Classic!

  13. Can you please show us finger placement? Can't really tell and would like to learn to play the song.

  14. Alexus Williams

    As a beginner, i can't really see where your fingers are placed on the fret and stings…. If there was a graph to show exactly where to place fingers it would help a lot more… thanks

  15. Hey Brett! I love your videos and I think you are awesome! I'm trying to get popular with my guitar lesson videos on YouTube so I was wondering if you could mention me in your next video! Plz and thank you!

  16. Jennifer brodeur

    Do you happen to know how to play Take Your Time by Sam Hunt? I really would like to learn how to play that song as well as Girl Crush.

  17. What is the finger placement for the C bar chord in the beginning?

  18. countrygirlie23

    love this tutorial!! definitely did a great job of breaking down the picking pattern..thanks!!

  19. My hands are way too little for them bar chords.

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